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Everyone experiences falling in love, and nothing is more special yet painful than the first love. Our girl, Énnush, falls deeply in love for the first time. Despite the sweetness and innocence of first love, she still experiences heartbreak, leaving her in the dark with a sense of vengeance.

This season, we explore love, passion, innocence, and heartache through dark, yet innocent silhouettes. Black represents struggle and despair, while midnight blue symbolises sophistication and mystery. Red represents lust, and silver represents elegance and grace. Sage green serves as a reminder of nature, pushing Énnush to return to her roots, encouraging her to stay calm and renew herself.

“Élodie” Dress


Despite the dark colours, we maintain a sense of innocence through sheer fabrics, signifying that there is still hope for our girl. Every cloud has a silver lining, and although her heart is broken, she will heal and become stronger. This, too, shall pass. You’re not alone. You never are, precious.



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